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Oak Park's New Tower Gets a Name, Begins Pre-Leasing

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The city of Oak Park might be best known for launching the career of Frank Lloyd Wright, but the town that birthed the Prairie School of Architecture is getting a new tower in its downtown. Now dubbed Vantage, the 21-story tower has begun pre-leasing for its 270 rental units. It's no secret that Chicago is currently witnessing a boom in new apartments and hotel rooms, but it seems that the city's next door neighbor is also undergoing some big changes. The new tower project is just one of what will ultimately become a trio of mixed users for the suburb that will deliver a total of 768 apartments to the city center. In addition to its residential units, the new tower will include 27,000 square feet of retail space and parking for 588 vehicles. The tower isn't ready for prime time just yet but is expected to open sometime early next year.
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