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Lucas Museum Looking to Move Past Land Use Lawsuit

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The lawsuit that had the Lucas Museum plan in a bind may soon be tossed out based on a judge's remarks at a hearing yesterday afternoon. According to the Tribune, after unveiling a newer, scaled-back design for the museum, a federal judge simply stated that the lawsuit brought on by the Friends of Parks organization no longer has "a viable complaint." Although the new design has not yet been made public, the Tribune has some details that indicates that the museum's height and footprint have been reduced while the landscaped park land around it has been expanded. Last year, the city agreed to provide 17 acres of lakefront land for the museum, which Friends of the Parks believed violated a longstanding ordinance to protect the public space from private development. The property is currently a parking lot located just south of Solider Field. Yesterday, the judge offered Friends of the Parks 21 days to modify their suit and the next court date will be November 10.
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