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Upscale Micro Apartments Planned for Printer's Row

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Local developers LG Construction + Development are proposing a 15-story apartment building to be squeezed into a quarter-acre plot of undeveloped land across from Dearborn Station in Printer's Row, and for a tiny lot come tiny apartments. Averaging around 350 square feet, these studio units will feature a high-end design and finishings meant to entice young professionals or empty-nesters into adopting a type of living that's only just now beginning to take hold in Chicago. These ultra-compact homes, sometimes known as micro apartments, often require a bit of a lifestyle adjustment to fully embrace but are popular in other cities when they offer convenient locations in areas that might be too expensive to live in a larger unit. Given Printer's Row's close proximity to the Loop, office workers might appreciate living someplace minutes from downtown for just over $1,000 a month without needing roommates and with higher-end design.

The building is also planned to include 40 pre-furnished, extended stay hotel rooms in addition to the 90 rental units. A 1,300 square-foot retail space is planned for the ground floor. The building includes no parking, which makes perfect sense given both the size of the property and the type of people who'll live there. The top floor will be reserved for standard apartment amenities like meeting rooms, work areas, and an outdoor green roof. No design architect has been selected yet, so the current design rendering could change.

While the neighborhood has seen a lot of new development on all sides of it in the past few years, but no new buildings have actually been proposed within Printer's Row itself until this one. Mostly known for its warehouse-to-loft conversions between State and Clark streets, the area's retail and restaurant scene has been improving steadily in the last two or three years despite the unchanging number of residences. A big (relatively speaking) micro apartments project could breathe new life into the area.

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