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Another Project May Be Brewing in the Busy West Loop

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Have you spotted a new construction site, a new development flyer or a public notice in your neighborhood? Send your tips and construction photos straight to our mailbox or through our anonymous tip line.

The West Loop neighborhood is one of the hottest areas for new developments in Chicago at the moment. And while developers are rushing in with new hotel and rental proposals, the neighborhood's vast number of community groups have been tough to win over. A reader recently dropped a line suggesting that one more project may be in the works.

I heard a rumor that the garage/old gas station at 1045 W Washington, A&A Automobile, was being bought. Supposedly both Sterling Bay and Belgravia were after it, with Belgravia coming out victorious. A few weeks ago, a company was out pulling soil samples. Any insight into this? I know both Belgravia and Sterling Bay have substantial developments in the West Loop, as it's their home base. Companies don't do soil sampling just for a fun, and spotting a soil sample rig (like this one snapped by Chicago Cityscape's Steven Vance) is a very good indicator that something is in the works. A representative of Belgravia declined to comment about a possible project for the site at this time. However, this location will be worth keeping an eye on as there may be some news on it within the coming weeks.

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