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The Latest Issue of Chicago Architect Will Get You Pumped for the Chicago Architecture Biennial

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As the big kickoff for the first ever Chicago Architecture Biennial approaches, AIA Chicago has dedicated their September/October 2015 edition of Chicago Architect to the expo. There's really a lot to be excited about and the latest issue offers numerous interviews with and essays by architectural heavyweights, including Stanley Tigerman, Gordon Gill and Michael Sorkin. The feature story of the issue, written by Tigerman, explores the Biennial's theme "The State of the Art of Architecture" and discusses the major changes that have happened in the industry between 1978 and 2015. Beyond the change in designs and how technology has shaped the field, Tigerman has noticed a shift in demographics and also remains hopeful for the future of the industry.

"In the spirit of 'passing the baton,' I remain optimistic about this newest generation of architects," Tigerman states, "There seems to be less cynicism among them than the earlier gathering. Of course, there are salon de refusé-like uninvited self-promotional proposals authored by academic 'wannabes,' retrograde Dreihaus-funded symposia and out-of-the-tent former starchitect gatherings, all of which inadvertently enhance Chicago's official celebration."

If you've got some time, it's well worth exploring the latest issue of Chicago Architect. The Biennial will bring some of the greatest minds in design together here in Chicago and help put the city back into the spotlight.

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