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Large One Bedroom at Lake Point Tower Boasts Awesome Views, Asks $389K

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Ok, so this place clearly needs some updating, but just check out those views. Located in the famous Lake Point Tower, this one bedroom, one bathroom unit offers some of the best downtown and Lake Michigan views you can get for the money. Of course, you're going to have to drop a few more bucks on erasing the late '70s/early '80s kitchen and the early '90s wallpaper from this condo, but the views really can't be beat. There's an additional $725 per month in assessments, but considering the age of the building, the amenities and the location, it doesn't seem totally unreasonable. For a one bedroom, it's quite large at 1,100 square feet and has just entered the market asking $389,000.

·505 N Lake Shore Drive #1616 Chicago, Illinois 60611 [@properties]
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