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Landmarks OKs Effort to Protect Carl Street Studios Building

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The battle to protect the building at 159 West Burton Place from demolition has made one giant leap forward. Yesterday, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks unanimously approved a motion to landmark an Old Town building that is part of the Carl Street Studios development that was created by noted architects Sol Kogen and Edgar Miller in the 1920s. A developer purchased the building this past April for $1.35 million and announced plans to demolish it and replace it with a new residential development. However, a preservation battle ensued, with Old Town residents and preservationists gathering signatures and lobbying the city to protect the building. Last week, the developer secured the demolition permit needed to raze the building, but preservationists are still hoping that the building will be saved.

Zac Bleicher of the Edgar Miller Legacy organization has been helping to lead the charge in protecting the building, and hopes that the developer may spare the building from demolition. "Of course, there is still more work to do, but this milestone is a victory for the City of Chicago, the Old Town community, and especially the Carl Street Studios and Burton Place neighborhood," Bleicher stated in a press release, "A landmark status will help keep the block intact for the enjoyment and inspiration of many generations to come." However, the Landmarks approval does not change the status of the developer's demolition permit. In addition, the City Council will have to approve of the motion as well in order for the building to truly receive protection.

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