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See Where Chicago's Historic Water Towers Are Being Demo'd

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They're as much a part of the Chicago skyline and cityscape as the Loop's famous skyscrapers, but yet, Chicago's old water towers are being demolished at a rapid rate. For some communities—specifically Andersonville—these water towers represent a sense of neighborhood pride and identity, however, many of them have decayed over the decades and have become safety hazards. The construction and demolition permitting and data website Chicago Cityscape has recently mapped out exactly where the city's old water towers are being demolished, and not surprisingly areas that are currently experiencing building booms are also the ones that are tearing down the most water towers. Developers can't build fast enough in the West Loop, South Loop and River North and unfortunately the old water towers become an afterthought and are not spared. The data reflect water tower demolitions and repairs since November 2014. Unfortunately, the water towers are not protected and recent changes have actually made it easier for them to be demolished.

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