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'Enemies of the Bloomingdale Trail' Brings Satire, Laughs to 606 Discussion

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Now that The 606 trail has officially been open for two months, it has started to change the way Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square and Humboldt park residents interact with the new public recreation space and with one another. And while many welcome it as a community asset and resource, there has been some discussion as to whether the trail will kick gentrification into overdrive. There has also been some recent debate about the trail's possible "design flaws" and concerns with living too close to the trail. Long before the trail was completed, there was an active group of Facebook users who discussed the trail, took construction photos and updated others as to what was happening on the trail. However, a new Facebook group seeks to inject satire into the ongoing discussion and debate over the new trail.

Dubbed Enemies of the Bloomingdale Trail (a play on of the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail group), the group's members mock what might otherwise be considered mild irritations or inconveniences that regular people have with the trail. For example, while some folks might complain about aggressive bicyclists on the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail group, others will "complain" about the use of scooters, or "motorized vehicles" on the trail in an attempt to keep things lighthearted. And while there are some legitimate gripes about the trail, it's something that many others truly appreciate. It's an example when the discussion gets flipped on its back and is basically turned into a source of laughs. Here are a few solid examples of what is being discussed right now on the group. Names have been censored just to be on the safe side. Be sure to leave your "complaints" in the comments section.

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