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Another Residential Tower Looking to Plant Roots in River North

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Yet another residential tower is looking to plant roots in River North. According to a new zoning application, developer Bill Smith of Smithfield Properties is looking to build a 23-story, 58-unit tower at 800 North Wells Street. After doing a breakdown on the units, the floor count and other uses, the Chicago Architecture Blog has concluded that the new tower will feature micro-apartments, while Crain's says that the developer's lawyer wouldn't reveal whether the tower will be composed of condos or rentals. Judging just by the floor count, only 58 units seems like a small number for a 23 story building, however the Chicago Architecture Blog shows that several floors will be used for parking as the plan includes 105 parking spaces. In addition, the ground floor will feature retail offerings and at least another couple of floors will be reserved for mechanicals and amenities.

The tower is being designed by Antunovich Associates and will have an exterior made up of steel beams, glass and precast concrete. Regardless of whether the tower will feature rentals or condos, there's almost no doubt that the development will be a luxury project. The plan shows that there will be multiple green roof spaces, a courtyard and a dog run. It mentions that there will be private decks and green roofs for "town homes," leading to more speculation on exactly what kind of units this building will feature. Here are a few screenshots of the zoning application.

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