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Lakeview's Once Beloved Punkin' Donuts Officially Closes, Target Coming Soon

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It was once the gathering spot of Chicago's punk scene and now it is a shuttered building that will soon make way for a Target Express store. While some may be confused as to why anyone would have any sentimental attachment to a Dunkin' Donuts store, it only goes to show how much things have changed since the '80s and '90s. Demolition on neighboring buildings began earlier this year and in February, a small group of people held a final hangout at the donut and coffee shop. Ravers, punk rockers and other folks in various underground music scenes no longer convene around the Punkin' Donuts and really aren't scene much at all in the neighborhood. Over the years, artists and musicians have made their way west to neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Logan Square and Humboldt Park. And even now, these neighborhoods are starting to become too pricey for some.

A new retail and residential development will take over the busy corner at Belmont and Clark. The flatiron-esque building is designed by Hirsch Associates and will stand art eight stories tall and will feature 90 rental units, 39 residential parking space and two levels of retail, which Target has dibs on. Things have certainly changed, and will continue to change and while the old Punkin' Donuts had its time in the sun, it's time for something more useful to take its place.

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