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Get Ready to Go Glamping at Northerly Island Later This Month

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Camping at Northerly Island is closer than we thought. In just a couple of weeks, a group of campers will get the chance to camp at the man-made island this summer. The event will begin on the evening of Friday the 21st and end the next Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. And while the idea of camping at Northerly Island is exciting, it won't come cheap. Tickets for those looking to sleep in a two-person tent will have to fork over $250 for a spot, while people with four-person tents will have to pay $500 and groups of six should expect to drop $750 for the experience. The event is aimed at adults, and activities include a happy hour, a pig roast, a comedy show and an evening hike. Tickets can be purchased through the Chicago Parks Foundation's Eventbrite page.
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