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More Developers Are Expected to Purchase Their Own Divvy Bike Sharing Stations

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Developer AMLI Residential has made news for being the first developer to make a "private donation" to the city in exchange for a Divvy bike-sharing station for two of its rental developments in the South Loop. According to the Tribune, the developer has given the city $56,000 to cover the costs of the installation of the rack and new bicycles at Clark and 9th streets. In addition to standing outside of two neighboring AMLI projects, the new Divvy dock will bear AMLI branding. The developers says that there are 1,000 residents living in its AMLI Lofts and AMLI 900 buildings, and that the new stations will become an important amenity for those who rely on public transit and alternative methods of transportation. So will other developers also buy in to have their own Divvy station?

The Chicago Department of Transportation boss says that they expect more purchases to come. CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld tells the Tribune that she believes that the "partnership with AMLI demonstrates that proximity to a Divvy station can be a real selling point." With competition among new apartment projects growing ever more fierce, a Divvy station is a unique amenity and could be a leg up on other buildings that are so desperately seeking the same young, affluent renter.
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