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This $2.7M Lincoln Park Mansion is Literally 50 Shades of Grey

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Too much of a good thing can end up being too much of a not-so-great thing, and this greyed out mansion in Lincoln Park has gone just a little overboard with its love for the mellow color. The house is a fairly new construction having been built in 2001, but its interior has been recently completed overhauled. While the new look is presumably much nicer than what it has replaced, the strict adherence to the color theme throughout the entire house is just a bit overkill. Everything is clearly high-end and it looks like the owner/developer didn't cheap out, but this is a home that will force your hand on furniture and decor choices. Perhaps you absolutely love it, and that's totally great. It's a large house with all the bells and whistles and the $2.799 million asking price reflects this. However, if you plan on making any changes or updates, plan on sinking a bit more into it.

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