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Col. Pritzker's Rogers Park Apartment Plan Moving Forward

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A new Rogers Park apartment plan from Billionaire Col. Jennifer Pritzker has earned the support of Alderman Joe Moore and will head on to the Chicago Plan Commission and City Council approval. In late June, Ald. Moore hosted a community meeting to discuss the plan, and the project has received some minor changes since the meeting took place. According to the alderman, the project's scope has decreased from 50 rental units to 45, as some residents expressed concern about the small size of the included units. In addition, some aesthetic changes have been made, most notably the increase in size of the building's entryway on Morse Avenue. Although some residents had asked Pritzker's Tawani Enterprises group to include ground level retail, the developer declined the request. "After careful consideration of the opinions and suggestions of the 49th Ward Zoning and Land Advisory Committee, RPBA, and the scores of residents who attended the meetings or corresponded with my office," Moore states on his website, "I have decided to support the proposed development, as amended."

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