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Own a Piece of the Now Demolished Madison-Wabash Station

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The former 'L' station that stood at Madison and Wabash for over 100 years is now just a piece of the city's history, but an upcoming auction will allow Chicagoans to bid for a piece of the historic station house. First opened in 1896, the station closed in March and was demolished over the next couple of months to make way for a newer, sleeker transit hub that will combine the Madison-Wabash and the Randolph-Wabash stations into one. However, the station wasn't completely junked. Preservation Chicago has teamed up with the Illinois Railway Museum and the Rebuilding Exchange to auction off various pieces of the station. In all, 30 items will be auctioned off, Preservation Chicago executive director Ward Miller told DNAinfo. Other larger architectural features of the station will be shopped around to various museums and historic institutions over the next two years. The Madison and Wabash Bash auction begins at 7 p.m. Friday evening at the Rebuilding Exchange.

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