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The Most Overexposed Chicago Decor Trends Right Now

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and thus, so is interior design. When making decor choices, one typically thinks about a broader theme or vibe they're trying to achieve for a specific room or their entire home. And in Chicago, there are some very common overused themes and items that can be found pretty much everywhere. While vintage prints and displays of civic pride are things that'll never go out of style, there are some specific examples that are just simply overdone. On a broader, national design level, things like antlers, cowhide rugs, the all-white-everything look and Edison light bulbs are beginning to be played out and our colleagues at Curbed National have been discussing these decor trends that are becoming overexposed. All of this discussion led us to consider Chicago-specific examples of decor trends that are all too ubiquitous. Here are a few examples. If you've got other examples, be sure to mention it in the comments section or drop us a line.

↑ Stylized Chicago neighborhood maps
There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a classic Chicago map framed and hanging proudly on your wall, but these particular neighborhood maps are a bit too ubiquitous at this point. Even worse are posters that employ hipster racism (Yes, it's a thing). Just, please, don't hang them on your wall. They're tacky and tone deaf. (The ironic racist ones that is.)

↑ Reclaimed wood Chicago flags
Displaying the Chicago flag is a time-honored tradition and rightfully so—the city's flag is simply incredible looking. Even vexillology experts agree that the Chicago flag is one of the most aesthetically pleasing of all flags. However, the reclaimed wood thing is beginning to get a bit stale, and the distressed wood Chicago flag has overstayed its welcome.

↑ Stolen 'L' maps
Remember that one time freshman year when you and your friends were totally hammered and you all thought it'd be badass to steal an 'L' map from a train car? Ok, maybe you just found yours at a thrift store instead. Either way, nothing screams DePaul dorm more than having one of these hanging up.

↑ Chicago World's Fair prints
How many times have you seen this poster in a friend's apartment? A bunch, right? What about this one? Vintage posters are really great and all but some have just been way overdone. If you really want to go for the vintage look, there are a ton of other really classic posters out there. It's really ok to try something different, like this poster designed by John Massey or maybe an original vintage air line poster. Show off your civic pride by having a Chicago Democratic machine poster for extra points.

↑ Generic Chicago skyline poster
Unless you're doing the decorating for a dentist's office, you really don't need one of these. They're just really boring and uninspired.

↑ The nothing-but-a-black-leather-sofa-and-flat-screen-TV look
Empty cases of Miller High Life, pizza boxes and a Bob Marley poster generally accompany this interior design choice. You'll likely spot this setup around Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park.
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