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Brave Developer Proposes 10-Story Condo Tower for West Loop

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Developer Taris Real Estate must really want a shellacking from West Loop community members, as these particular area residents have become known for vehemently opposing almost any new dense residential development proposal that comes across their plate. The company has recently proposed building a dark, slate colored ten story condo building at 900 W. Washington Street, DNAinfo reports. In attempting to appeal to West Loopers' desire to keep the neighborhood's former industrial vibe, Taris describes the project as "sleek yet industrial" on their website while architect Northworks states that the project's "architecture and structural expression draws inspiration from historic warehouse construction." The project will feature only 24 units with 23 parking spaces, with condo prices fetching $500 per square foot, Taris tells DNAinfo.

West Loop residents have engaged in fierce battles with developers in the not-so-distant past over hotel and apartment projects closer to heart of the Fulton Market district. However, perhaps Taris has taken note and has come to the table with high end condominiums versus rentals in order to appeal to the residents' desire to keep new rentals from coming to the neighborhood. So far, the developer has met with one of the handful of West Loop community organizations, but if the plan moves forward as is, construction could begin as early as next spring.

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