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Confused New Construction Near 606 Just Beginning Its Long Journey for Buyer

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All you have to do these days is quietly whisper the numbers "606" into a developer's ear and they will come running with cash in one hand and a shovel in the other. In a developer's mind it's really quite simple: buy an old frame house for $200,000, replace it with a monstrosity/catastrophe and then slap a $1.1 million price tag on it. Boom. Done. And this scenario is exactly what happened with this brand new construction on Washtenaw Avenue in Logan Square. Some people say that Logan Square is the next Wicker Park or Bucktown, but in some ways, the pace that developers are tearing down frame homes and replacing them with tragic contemporary "luxury" mansions is working against the neighborhood more than anything. Simply put, this home just doesn't fit in where it's at. It feels more like 2004 River North—you know, ripped up designer jeans, an Ed Hardy t-shirt and Jägerbombs. Lots of Jägerbombs. Anyways, let's have a look at some of the broker babble... "TROPHY PROPERTY WITH INCREDIBLE PRESENCE." Ooooffff... No way man. "A TIMELESS WORK OF ART THAT INDEED HAS IT ALL." Yeah, if you want a home that looks like it'd belong in a remake of Beetlejuice. Anyways, if this is your thing, you can purchase this home for $1.075 million. At that price, its location and the quality of the build, it'll likely be on the market for many months.

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