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Expect to See an Updated Look for the Lucas Museum Proposal

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It's something we've all been expecting, but now we've heard it directly from the mayor himself: the proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be getting a different look. During a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin, the mayor hinted that he had seen an updated proposal for the $1 billion project, but did not reveal much more other than suggesting that its surrounding park space will be "open, accessible and free." However, the Sun-Times is now reporting that the mayor has once again confirmed that the project is going through "an iterative process," and will likely look different from the initial proposal that has garnered pointed criticism from many. The mayor did not offer specifics on any design changes, but once again focused on the museum's surrounding park space and the reclaiming of what is currently a surface parking lot.

Because of the nature of the project, the design from MAD Architects' Ma Yansong has been compared to various characters and places from Lucas' Star Wars universe to the Space Mountain rides found at Disney's theme parks around the world. Some have even gone so far as to refer to it as an "intergalactic zit" to a volcano capped with a toilet seat. Beyond its polarizing design, many just felt it was simply too big for the lakefront. Cassandra Francis, the former head of the organization Friends of the Parks referred to the proposal as a "amorphous, land-eating colossus." The mayor has defended the design, calling it "bold" and "a statement." Whether or not MAD Architects returns with a tamed down design is not in question at the moment, but it's how different the project may look. As Yoda would say, "Wait you must, and see you shall." Or something like that.

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