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City to Discuss Uptown Landmark District Plan on Wednesday

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On Wednesday afternoon, members of Uptown United, the city's Department of Planning and Development and Alderman James Cappleman will discuss a plan to create a new landmark district in the Uptown neighborhood. The proposal seeks to help bring incentives to developers and investors for restoring and renovating the area's inventory of historic buildings. Buildings included in the boundaries of the so-called Uptown Square District include the Wilson 'L' Station, the Riviera Theater, the Aragon Ballroom, the Uptown Theater and many others. The Illinois House of Representative had previously approved a $10 million grant to be put towards the restoration of the Uptown Theater, but with recent budget cuts and a disconnect between Springfield and Chicago pols, that money may be at risk.

There's certainly no doubt that the area has a venerable collection of historic buildings and venues. During the jazz age, the area was a popular destination for its many nightlife offerings. And while many still flock to the neighborhood for concerts and live music, the neighborhood's once grand movie palaces and ballrooms have decayed considerably.

The Wednesday meeting to discuss the plan will be held at the Institute of Cultural Affairs (4750 N. Sheridan Road) starting at 1:00 p.m.

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