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New Tool Lets You Request Bicycle Parking And Report Abandoned Bikes

If you're an avid bicyclist, you've probably been in a situation where you get to your destination but can't find an open bike rack to lock up to. However, the city has a new website dedicated specifically for bicycle parking requests. Bicycling is not only on the rise, but public transit and alternative forms of transportation are changing the way planners and developers approach new residential and commercial projects. According to the site, CDOT installs 500 bicycle parking racks every year, with some of the most popular spots being outside of schools, transit stations, parks and office buildings. In addition to requesting bike parking, there's another map where folks can report abandoned bikes to CDOT. Finally, you can report that old clunker that has been locked up since last summer and have it removed without having to make a phone call or sending a letter.

·Request Bike Parking [CDOT]
·Report Abandoned Bikes [CDOT]