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Sleek, Modernist Condo With Stunner View Wants Just $680K

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[Photos: Redfin]

You know when you feel like you need some perspective in your life? To see the big picture? Well, what you need is floor-to-ceiling windows. And this condo, therefore, has the answer to your problems. And it's just $680,000.

Southeast views of the downtown skyline, and northeast views of the lake. And then, there's a deck if you want wind on your face while you take in the views. Once you're sufficiently inspired, you can go get dressed to conquer the world by selecting your fashionable armor from your walk-in closet. Washer/dryer included, obviously. For both of your cars, you have two deeded parking spaces. And then there's the 24-hour doorman to screen out fans, an elevator to hurtle through space, a fitness center to keep you strong as steel, and an on-site engineer because, well, why not.

HOA dues are $737, but that's a huge bargain. You're on floor 21, so you should have no complaints. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms in which to alternate. There's 1,436 s.f. in which to pace while you contemplate life. The world is yours.

·860 W Blackhawk St, #2106, Chicago, IL 60642 [Redfin]