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What If Chicago Had a Rail Line Connecting Its Two Airports?

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Chicago's 'L' system covers much of the city, but yet, it doesn't connect many neighborhoods to one another nor does it connect the city's two airports together. However, the Active Transportation Alliance believes that having a light rail line that connects O'Hare and Midway airports could be a boon to travelers. If you had to make that journey today, you'd be traveling towards the Loop and then back out, and you'd have to transfer rail lines. With a single line that connects the two, the entire trip could be done in less than 40 minutes. In addition to connecting the two airports, Active Transportation Alliance believes that such a line would connect west side neighborhoods with one another and make it easier for residents to get to job hubs. Other Transit Future 'L' expansion ideas include a near west side line that connects the Brown, Blue, Pink, Orange and Green lines together as well as multiple South Side lines.

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