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Stanley Tigerman's Playful 'Suburban Village' on Sale for $2.2M

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 All images by VHT Studios via <a href="">Coldwell Banker</a>.
All images by VHT Studios via Coldwell Banker.

Conceived as a constellation of cylinders, squares and rooms of different shapes and dimensions, the experimental Suburban Village home architect Stanley Tigerman designed for the Pochis family in 1988 resembles a PoMo piazza. As reported in Chicago Magazine, the complex, which unravels over 1.6 acres and includes a pool and rose garden, was a close collaboration between Tigerman and his wife and design partner Margaret McCurry. It makes the kinetic interior, filled with edgy fixtures and a mish-mash of materials, more of a focused aesthetic statement than its angular lines may suggest. While not as outlandish as, say, Gehry's Winton Guest House, it's still an eccentric example of unconstrained Postmodern style.

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