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Curvy Concrete and Brick MCM in Barrington Wants $750K

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The Barrington area is not a one-trick pony—there's more to it than Clinton and W. Bush-era McMansions. If you look close enough, you might find some really unique and interesting mid-century modern homes. This house built in 1967 by Gedas Bliudzius is another example of the area's inventory of MCM offerings. While it's easy to imagine what the home may have looked like in the late '60s when it was built, its interior is now a hodgepodge of conflicting styles from different periods. According to Bliudzius, one of the home's owners had some pretty epic parties during the cocaine-fueled Disco days of the '70s. In a story for Modern Illinois, the home's builder tells broker Lou Zucaro that he had heard that the parties were so serious that there were "people flying in on helicopters that would land in the back yard." The home with its wet bar area and backyard pool definitely still has the party pad vibe, but it could also be a really time capsule if it ever restored with mid-century finishes. It's reentered the market asking $750,000.

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