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Navy Pier's Newer, Taller Ferris Wheel is Officially On Its Way

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The ink is dry and the permits issued: Navy Pier's new Ferris wheel is officially on its way. McPier has been given the go-ahead from the city to begin dismantling the current Ferris wheel and to install the newer, larger one. According to a report from the Tribune earlier this summer, the new Ferris wheel will stand roughly 50 feet taller than the existing one and will feature 42 temperature-controlled carriages. The new Ferris wheel is being erected and installed to celebrate Navy Pier's 100th birthday next summer. Navy Pier is the state's most popular tourist attraction and will soon be undergoing a series of changes and renovations. Last year, Navy Pier attracted 8.5 million visitors. The new Ferris wheel will certainly become one of the most noticeable and noteworthy changes, however, visitors might even soon be allowed to walk through the pier with a beer.
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