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New Light Installation Coming to Garfield Park Conservatory

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The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the city's most cherished cultural treasures, but the conservatory's dome and gardens will soon shine bright at night. In collaboration with the city, artists Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero of Luftwerk will bring a series of five light and sculpture installations to the Garfield Park Conservatory called Solarise: A Sea of All Colors. Each installation has a different theme, intended to immerse the visitor in a unique experience where lights and bright colors will enhance the surrounding environment. The team wants to highlight the landscaped gardens, specifically focusing on the vision of landscape architecture pioneer Jens Jensen.

The Beacon will cover the conservatory's dome with 14 LED light strands, while the Portal floating mirror installation will draw visitors to the conservatory's reflection pool. Florescence will utilize "LED lighting in the evening to transform the Show House into a spectacle of colorful shadow play," and the Seed of Light will turn the conservatory's Horticulture Hall into a "kinetic chandelier of water and light." Finally, the duo will utilize light and sound to create a transformative evening experience called Prismatic. The timeline of the installation is quite fitting as well, as the series will formally open on this year's autumn equinox (September 23) and conclude in a year, also on the autumn equinox (September 22).

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