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Hancock Center Condo With Awkward Views Asks $500K

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There are many variables that determine the value of a residence, and one of the major things people want when living in a downtown high rise is great views. There are plenty of buildings that offer tremendous, wide open views, but then there are also some buildings that offer equally terrible experiences. The John Hancock Center is not just iconic—it's a legendary skyscraper that pushed the envelope and truly set the standard for all supertall construction after it. But it's also a product of its time, and the units just don't feel as nice as ones in newer buildings. The crisscrossing steel joists of the tower give it its distinct, memorable look, but they also block the views of many of its residences. The owners of this unit have done some updating to the kitchen, but none of these upgrades can changes the awkwardness of the windows. For a two bedroom, two bathroom in the heart of the Magnificent Mile, $500,000 is a steal, but then again, there's a reason for this.

·175 E Delaware Place #6001 [@properties]
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John Hancock Center

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