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The Apple Store is Indeed Moving Down Michigan Avenue

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Any speculation or rumors about an Apple Store move on Michigan Avenue have been put to rest as Crain's has revealed that the Cupertino-based tech giant will indeed be relocating from its current location in the heart of the Magnificent Mile shopping district to a spot along the Chicago River. Exactly a year ago, Crain's had reported on a possible Apple Store move, but now it's more clear that the company plans to take over part of Pioneer Court in front of the office tower at 401 N. Michigan Ave. The company will likely build a minimalist glass box, perhaps similar to the store at the General Motors Building in New York, and will utilize the existing below-grade food court that belongs to the office tower. Apple is known for being focused on good design, and its big move and new location is notable for not just being on the river, but for adding more cache to the idea of the "Millennium Mile" concept that developers have been pushing for the last couple of years.

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