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Kitschy Pizza-Adorned Gino's East in River North to Be Demo'd

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A kitschy relic of River North's recent past will soon become history to make way for a new new apartment tower. The plan to demolish the building that housed the former Gino's East location on Wells Street has been in the works for well over a year now, but the city has just issued a demolition permit to raze the colorful, pizza-adorned building, indicating that the new 444-unit rental tower is ready to take its place. The former Gino's location (they're now on LaSalle Street) on Wells, between Eerie and Ontario is just one of several kitschy outposts that are being demolished to make room for new development in the River North area. The old Howard Johnson Inn was razed earlier this year and the Ed Debevic's restaurant on Wells Street will soon make way for a new apartment tower. However, as Neil Young once sang, "Rock and roll will never die," so too will the Rock N Roll McDonald's—it'll probably be the only kitschy River North relic that will never die.

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