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Open Plan One Bedroom Loft Near DePaul Campus Wants $330K

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Tucked away on a quiet Lincoln Park corner not too far away from the DePaul campus, this 1,200-square-foot offers the best of both worlds. It's close to grocery shopping, dining and public transit, but is just off the beaten path enough to feel private and exclusive. It's only a one bedroom unit, and perhaps early last year it could have been a member of the Under $300K Club but instead, it's asking $329,900 which promotes it to the Under $400K Club. Regardless, in late 2007, before the recession, the unit was asking $359,000 and sold for $351,500. You know what they always say—buy low and sell high. Perhaps it's not the lowest it could go, but the market is heading the other direction at this point and now is the time to buy. In-unit laundry and parking is included in the asking price.

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