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Repeat Home Intruder Busted Using Suburban Mega-Mansion's Hot Tub

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A suburban man has been charged with residential burglary and criminal damage after spending the day in the hot tub of the 30,000-square-foot Villa Taj mansion in Burr Ridge. According to the Tribune, a real estate agent walked in on Kiril Kostov and a female friend hanging out in the mansion on June 20. Police reports indicate that Kostov and his companion had been using the home's second floor hot tub but did not properly drain the water, causing $300 in damages. The report also indicates that the hot tub bandit had also been drinking the homeowner's liquor. The arrest marks the second time this year that Kostov has been busted in the large suburban mansion, as he was charged with criminal trespass in February.

Completed in 2009, the "neo-Byzantine Moorish revival" mega-mansion known as the Villa Taj has long been hindered by various issues from flooding to foreclosure. Now, it adds burglary and criminal damage to its growing list of fiascos. Its biggest fiasco? Listing for $25 million and selling for only $3.1 million.

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