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The Loop's Aon Center Could One Day Get Its Own Observatory

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The Hancock Center and Willis Tower have two rooftop observatories where tourists can catch views of the entire Chicago metro area, but according to a new report from Crain's, the Loop's Aon Center could soon have one of its own. The building, which is currently the city's third tallest (until Wanda Vista is built), is being shopped around and is likely to sell for more than $650 million. In the marketing materials, brokers suggest that a rooftop observatory could generate upwards of $30 million per year. However, the cost to build an observatory and the stiff competition between the Hancock's TILT and the Willis Tower's Skydeck attractions could prove difficult. The one clear advantage the Aon Center has over the Hancock and Willis is its location within walking distance of Millennium Park and other famous tourist attractions in downtown Chicago. However, the 83-story tower have to find a new owner before any big changes are made.
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