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Streeterville Tower Proposal Adds Bigger Units, Gains 2 Stories

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The proposed skyscraper for 465 North Park Drive, just north of the new Loews Hotel, is getting just a tad taller. Unveiled recently as a slender elliptical tower shaped as three leaves stacked on top of each other, the rental building was originally planned to stand at 45 stories and contain 444 apartments, along with a mix of studio to three bedroom units. However, after taking some feedback from residents into consideration, the Pappageorge Haymes-designed tower has been upped by two floors and is currently proposing 47 stories.

The unit breakdown was initially heavily geared towards smaller units, reflecting the typical market demand for the wave of recently completed apartment towers throughout downtown. Residents at a recent community meeting encouraged developer Jupiter Realty to include a broader mix of unit sizes and floor plans in order to offer. a greater diversity of housing options in the building. In addition, some residents had asked that the profile remain as slender as possible to maximize natural light and air circulation around the tower.

The revised plan based on that feedback includes more three-bedroom units, while slimming down the tower's profile. The apartment unit and parking counts remain the same at 444 rentals and 181 parking spaces respectively. However, in order to accommodate the design changes, the tower will gain two floors. The tower's proposed height tops out at 535 feet, which may at this time not include any screen wall or decorative crown features which will architectural complete the top of the tower.

The base of the tower is expected to be mostly wrapped in retail space to create an inviting pedestrian experience along most of the tower's three street frontages. An internal driveway through the south end of the podium will handle all ingress/egress traffic for the internal parking garage, as well as all loading dock facilities—ensuring that there will be no curb cuts along pedestrian heavy Illinois Street. As part of the project, the development team will also be rebuilding Odgen Park between Park Drive and Columbus Drive creating a more inviting open public space. As is common for rental projects, expect this one to move quickly once all approvals are in place and we can all say goodbye to another one of southern Streeterville's diminishing supply of open lots.

Shawn Ursini

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