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This Lakefront Home in Evanston is Literally a House Mirrors

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While this lakefront home in Evanston does certainly look quaint and lovely from the outside, things change once you get inside. Multiple rooms in this five bedroom, four bathroom house are covered from floor to ceiling in mirrored walls. It's literally a house of mirrors. There are some redeeming factors though. The location on the lake is nice, particularly its spacious backyard and dock area. Otherwise, it's going to need some pretty serious remodeling. If you do decide to keep the mirrors, make sure you don't have any pets, birds or confused children around. They may end up getting lost or break some of the mirrors after running into the walls. It's currently asking $2.649 million.

·919 Edgemere Ct Evanston, IL 60202 [Redfin]
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