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Here's a Second Chance to Get One of the Greatest Houses in Albany Park

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This beautiful four bedroom, four bathroom home on West Windsor Avenue was nearly scooped up this month, but it is now back on the market and seeking a buyer. The home, designed by Horatio R. Wilson, listed on June 24 at $1.189 million, scored a contract just five days later and then for whatever reason (could be anything really), reentered the market just a week later. Today the listing was refreshed on the MLS and it also received a minuscule price cut bringing the ask down to $1.149 million. The home is just vintage enough to be charming, but not so much as to be cumbersome. It's been totally remodeled and looks perfectly livable for a growing family. Beyond looks, there's also plenty of room with 3,700 square feet of living space and a huge yard.

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