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Wabash Lights Creators Raise $60K on Kickstarter for Beta

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The Wabash Lights co-creators Jack C. Newell and Seth Unger have successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the beta testing of the lighting installation that they have planned for the 'L' tracks on Wabash Avenue between Madison and Adams Streets. The campaign, which lasted just over a month, ended last night with a final tally of 918 supporters contributing a grand total of $59,481. According to the designers, the money will be spent installing and testing a beta installation of the project. Now that the Kickstarter funds have been successfully raised, Newell and Unger plan on raising an additional $5,000,000 in "private, foundation, and corporate dollars." Earlier this month, Newell and Unger spoke with Curbed, to explain why the project is important and how it is expected to transform this section of the Loop. They also addressed a couple of comments from Curbed readers on the blog for their Kickstarter.

The Wabash Lights - Kickstarter Video from Jack C. Newell on Vimeo.

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