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Cedar Street Begins $15M Renovation of Uptown's Historic Lawrence House

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Renovation work is underway on Uptown's historic Lawrence House apartment complex at 1020 W. Lawrence Ave. Originally built in 1928 as upscale housing, the 12-story Art Deco building fell into disrepair over the decades and most recently served as single room occupancy housing development until developer Cedar Street Companies purchased the property two years ago for $7.5 million. Cedar Street who owns and operates the FLATS Chicago line of micro-apartment developments throughout the North Side plans on transforming the decaying Lawrence House into something of a "flagship" property for the brand. Once completed, the new Lawrence House will feature 344 rental units and boast a plethora of amenities. Last week, the city issued Cedar Street a permit to deconvert the property from a 372-unit residence into a 344-unit development, kicking off the major renovation project.

When completed, the building's ground level will feature five retail spaces, of which one will become a Heritage Outpost—a frequent collaborator of Cedar Street's. Other building amenities will include a fitness center, rooftop deck, lobby bar, outdoor theater, community fire pit, an event space, and an indoor pool—which will be restored and operating for the first time in many decades. Cedar Street has a lot invested in the Uptown area, and the most recent permit estimates the cost of the Lawrence House renovation to be in the $15 million range.

Cedar Street sent us a few images of the building as it looks right now with renovation work just beginning. The company estimates that the development will be completed and opened by August 2016.

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