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Elaborate, Rare Lincoln Park Worker Cottage Lists for $2.635M

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An elaborate and rare worker cottage in Lincoln Park has just hit the market with a $2.635 million price tag. Originally built in 1891, this Queen Anne home known as the Martin Schnitzius Cottage was designed by architects Bettinghofer & Hermann and remains one of the last remaining homes of its kind in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. While the neighborhood was once filled with brick and frame cottages similar to this one, many have been lost over the decades from renovations and new construction. Similar to several other North Side neighborhoods, Lincoln Park has a high rate of tear-downs, and homes like this are often razed to make way for new mansions or luxury condo projects. Fortunately, this particular home was granted landmark status in 2013 and architects/developers Foster Design Build scooped it up for $1.175 million earlier this year. The shop plans to completely restore the exterior facade of the home, while doing a build-to-order interior for the home's future owner. So far, there's a floor plan for the home, but Foster Design Build will leave the finishes and other details up to the buyer.

Just last year, developer and Novak Construction boss John Novak demolished a rare worker cottage in the neighborhood without proper permitting, igniting outrage over the incident. And currently, another incredibly rare (and adorable) cottage is up for grabs in Old Town. While they might not be everyone's cup of tea, these homes are an integral part of Chicago's architectural history and are becoming increasingly more and more rare.

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