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Lincoln Centre Redevelopment Heading to Plan Commission

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The plan to redevelop the Lincoln Centre mixed-use development in Lincoln Park has earned the support of Alderman Michele Smith and will be heading to the Chicago Plan Commission on July 16. First unveiled early last year, the proposal has spent a considerable amount of time in the planning stage, but has also undergone an extensive redesign since it was first presented. Beyond aesthetic changes, the proposal shrank slightly in size, going from 122 feet in height down to 107 feet and lowering the total unit count from 225 apartments to 200.

Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), the new development will also include 16,000 square feet of new ground level retail space, which will replace the existing below-grade storefronts. Long considered an eyesore by many residents of the area, the flat concrete look of the existing Lincoln Centre will be replaced with a brick and glass structure that is centered by an open courtyard which will sit above the development's retail space. The courtyard not only serves as an amenity to residents, but it also breaks up the feel of the otherwise monolithic building, and makes it more pedestrian friendly.

Having obtained community support, the proposal is set to breeze through the Chicago Plan Commission and City Council.

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