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Behold, a Newer, Taller Look for the Wolf Point Towers from Pelli Clarke Pelli

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Construction is well underway on the bKL Architecture-designed Wolf Point West tower that will be one of a trio of new towers coming to the site, but the two other towers have just been given a fresh look by the architects at Pelli Clarke Pelli. Led by star architect and tower builder Cesar Pelli, Pelli Clarke Pelli has worked on a few other projects in Chicago in recent years, but the massive Wolf Point project is certainly the highest profile development for the Connecticut-based design studio. Over the weekend, the Chicago Architecture Blog laid their hands on the new render, which appears to show a slimmer and taller south tower from the previous design. The tower has also been given a decorative spire, which will likely boost its height from the previously planned 900 feet. As planned, the tower would find a place in the list of ten tallest towers in Chicago, but if it approaches somewhere around the 1,000 foot mark, it could even break into the list of the city's top five tallest structures. Of course, the planned Wanda Vista will also shake up the current rankings of tallest buildings when it is eventually finished. Does Chicago have room for one more tall tower? There's a giant hole in the ground in Streeterville that is begging for one.

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Wolf Point

350 W Mart Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60654