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Sweet Two Bedroom Logan Square Timber Loft Wants $369K

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This top floor two bedroom, two bathroom timber loft is located just a stone's throw from the new 606 trail and can be had for $369,900. It's on the southeast corner of the Logan Square neighborhood and just a short walk from the Western Blue Line station. It sports the ubiquitous granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, but it's also got a nice rooftop deck and includes parking for two vehicles. While the loft itself is really nice, the price might not be super competitive. For example, one can find a similar two bed, two bath timber loft in the West Loop for about the same price. However, for those who want to live next to the Bloomingdale Trail and need parking, this is definitely one worth considering.

·2511 W Moffat St Unit 405-H Chicago, IL 60647 [Redfin]
·Lofty Living archives [Curbed Chicago]