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Uber Plans to Hire 10,000 New Drivers for the South and West Sides

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Anybody who's paid surge pricing for Uber during peak periods knows the company could use a few more drivers on the road. But according to a recent DNAinfo article, spiking demand isn't just in the neighborhoods many northsiders would expect, such as Logan Square or Lincoln Park. West Side ridership has more than doubled over the last six months, with business on the South Side quickly mushrooming to contribute to the company's more than 2 million monthly rides in the city. It's led to a plan to hire additional drivers in both areas. Uber has long claimed that it delivers quality service to neighborhoods that are often ignored by traditional transportation companies, a portrayal of the fast-growing company that's convenient at a time when it's facing increasing regulatory scrutiny and legal challenges from municipalities across the globe.

Andrew Macdonald, Uber regional general manager, was quoted as saying that "one out of every two Uber rides begins or ends in an underserved area."

Adding 10,000 drivers is a lot of jobs (or independent contractors without benefits). As of January this year, the company said it has 160,000 drivers under contract in the U.S.

Driver recruitment events start on July 8 and run through August 4, with details listed here.

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