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Poll: What Should the Former Cabrini-Green Area Be Called?

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If you've been following development news over the last couple of years, it's pretty clear to you by now that the area surrounding the former Cabrini-Green housing project has become a hot spot for new residential and retail development. However, as builders propose and begin to construct new towers, some are pitching a new name for the area: NoCA. The name is supposed to be an abbreviation for North of Chicago Avenue, but so far, it's proved to be a bit controversial. In a recent editorial piece, the Chicago Tribune has not only come out against the name, but the paper's editorial board has called it a "terrible name" and "way too New York." It's true, New York has plenty of absurdly named developments and neighborhoods. Back in April, we heard from the team working on the new apartment tower at 347 W Chestnut, when the name of the project was changed from Avant to Next at NoCA—the first development to incorporate the name.

Fabricated neighborhood names are nothing new and while the old Cabrini-Green is currently experiencing an identity crisis, the stretch of Michigan Avenue south of the Chicago River down to Millennium Park is also experiencing a similar situation with developers now referring to the area as "Millennium Mile."

So, what do you think about the name NoCA?

Poll results

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