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Timber Loft Next to Ravenswood Metra Station Asks Only $179K

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Why take the 'L' to work when you can hop on the Metra and get downtown in no time? This loft is located next door to the Ravenswood Metra station and just a few more paces away from the massive 80,000 square foot Mariano's Fresh Market. For an 800 square foot one bedroom, this timber loft is surprisingly nice and looks plenty spacious for one or two people. Equally surprising is the $179,000 ask. Considering that condos in Logan Square and Bucktown that are far less interesting than this one can easily fetch that amount or more means that this unit is definitely not the worst deal in the city—particularly so when considering its location and access to a shared rooftop deck. Is it the most unique timber loft in the city? No. Not by a long shot. But for someone seeking a nice place that won't bankrupt them, this one is definitely worth considering.

·4745 North Ravenswood Avenue Unit 409, Chicago, IL [Estately]
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