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Comment of the Day

"GASP! A former rail line that supplied factories is still in view of smoke stacks and water towers, even now that it's being converted into a park? I'm right there clutching my pearls with you, Kathleen. In all seriousness, that's a benefit to this project, not a problem. It reminds us that while the city is evolving there is a history and a past to remember. It helps remind us how dirty/loud areas of the city are being re-claimed by residents and becoming vibrant communities while also reminding us of Chicago's industrial legacy. And the plantings are far from complete based on everything that's been said by the groups involved. I'm sure it'll look less sterile once everything's in place and it's had a couple years to fill out. Nature isn't plug-and-play." — blipsman [A Preview of the Long Awaited 606 Trail, Opening This Weekend]