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Fulton Market Landmark Plan Clears Committee, With Two Exceptions

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The proposed Fulton Market landmark district came one step closer to final approval last week, earning the support of the city's building committee, according to the Tribune. But exceptions to preserving the 88-building block of historic industrial properties, including the condo building at 1001 N. Randolph, have raised eyebrows as an historic district some property owners don't want continues to march forward. Also known as the 1000 W. Washington Lofts, the building was excluded based on a request from 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett, himself petitioned by building residents afraid of the high costs of repairs and renovations if their homes were landmarked. Another property at 160 North Halsted Street was also excluded from the district, after the owner gave tearful testimony in front of the committee.

The landmark district—which stretches down seven blocks of Fulton Market, six blocks of Randolph Street, and two blocks of Lake Street, and has the support of local preservationists—was opposed by many area landowners, who feel it will restrict their ability to alter their own buildings and lower property values. Amid discussions of saving the city's industrial legacy (at the expense, some current property owners may wryly note, of those directly carrying on that heritage), it's clear that heritage becomes a strong selling point for tech companies like Google, who seek out vintage properties with large floorplates. Preserving the past in this case MAY BE directly correlated to attracting the future of business.

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