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$850K Gets You a Stately English Manor on the South Shore

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Photos courtesy of Estately

Imagine yourself in the Roaring Twenties, living as extravagantly as the Great Gatsby. If you were to become the domestic type, where might you shack up? This $849,750 home is a solid contender, an English-style manor by architect Philip B. Maher located a few blocks south of Jackson Park. Now priced more than $600K less than the last time we visited, perhaps a price chop of this magnitude will finally persuade someone to move in for the long haul. Plus, anyone imitating Gatsby's lifestyle will certainly appreciate any discounts they can get.

If you're looking to host a stream of guests or house a large family, then the seven bedrooms should be enough for everyone. Built on a 13,500 square-foot lot, this home offers exceptional storage in a stylish manner. The bathrooms are particularly handsome, and if you love the look of wood in your home, then search no further. It's everywhere.

6909 South Creiger Avenue, Chicago IL 60649 [Estately]
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