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Wrigley Field Caught Between Contemporary Touches and Historic Charm

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As the ballpark's renovation has progressed throughout the year, Wrigley Field has been struggling with an identity crisis. How is an aging park supposed to keep up with the times without losing its original character and charm? While some reviews of the bleacher renovations by VOA Associates have been critical (see a recent Crain's review), a new article by Blair Kamin focuses on how the simple act of keeping track of the game illustrates the central drama inherent in updating a landmark.

With the installation of new video screens, the hand-operated scoreboard faces competition. The iconic flapping flags and score tiles are becoming secondary to the digital scoreboards, making center field not so central anymore. What to do in this battle between old and new? In a nod to the analog way, the center scoreboard has exclusivity over crucial stats: balls, strikes, runs, and outs.

Kamin makes a few suggestions, including amping up the lighting on the center scoreboard. While every change to such a historic site is subject to reviews and reconsiderations, it'll be interesting to see how the Cubs readjust after reading the public's reaction this season.

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